Lara Selva was born in 1980 in Città della Pieve a beautiful small town in Umbria.

Even as a child, Lara shows her creative attitude being fashinated  by the world of art. She attends the Istitute of Art in Orvieto. After that experience she starts working immediately and grows up as an artist.

She focuses her attention on  the study of applied techniques such as Airbrushing and Trompe l’Oleil attending a post degree specialization course at Palazzo Spinelli in Florence.

Later on she increases the knowledge of the Restoration Techniques of ancient paintings at Barbara Mencarelli’s studio, a famous  restorer based in Perugia.

The following years Lara goes through new experimentations and decides to work on different materials and techniques. This is the moment of the artistic self-awareness and she now faces the cultural panorama taking part to many events, contests and collective exhibitions.

Lara’s works appear often on trade magazines and local newspapers such as “Ville e Casali” and “Il corriere dell’Umbria”.

Her participation to some local and national Tv shows increases her visibility and lead her to collaborate with many famous personalities such as George Lucas the worldwide famous director of STAR WARS. Lara  is responsible for restoring the frescoes of a Church belonging to the private property of Lucas.

At the same time, her passion for the Art movement of Realism pushes  to deepen the study for the construction of hyper-realistic images through airbrush and mixed media. After a period of tutoring with the Artist Alberto Ponno, Lara Selva comes to the peak of her production path winning  the First Prize at the International Airbrush and Mixed Media Competition in 2008.

Since 2005 Lara is engaged in the field of interior decoration, designing unique and functional spaces in collaboration with architecture firms, interior designers and local handicraft companies. She is still committed to the implementation of exposure, decoration and furnishing of several commercial activities, public and private properties.

In 2014 her last artistic experience leads her to master  the Resin processing. Resin is a material used to create objects and decorative flooring. This particular technique lies on the border between creative art and decorative interior design.

In 2014 she also attends a course in Madrid at Eloy Morales art studio, there she improves her knowledge of the Oil tecchniques applied to human body, focusing on portraiture.


In 2015, after a ten-year personal journey, Lara Selva founded “Artworld”, Art & Tattoo Studio, Gallery and Exhibition Space, a place where ideas and creativity come to life. Here all her works are exhibited, the last ones are oils on canvas characterized by a high command of the modulation chroma and light. These creations are deeply emotional effected, intimate  representations of her and of those who have commissioned.

The Artistic Tattoo Studio is the newest but no less important manifestation of his artistic mastery, the ability to bring an indelible mark on the skin that has its own style.

An artistic journey evolving based on continuous research, experimentation, passion for art, innovation of herself, her knowledge and creativity.

The representation of dream has now become Reality.

Art as Life.

​Art World di Lara Selva, via Molise, 8c, Pò Bandino, Città della Pieve, PG. p. iva 02406050548


©2015 by Lara Selva all rights reserved.​